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Thread: The Future Of Ordering Pizza

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    The Future Of Ordering Pizza

    The Future of Ordering Pizza

    Operator: "Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your..."

    Customer: "Hi, I'd like to order... "

    Operator: "May I have your NIDN first, sir?"

    Customer: "My National ID Number, yeah, hold on, eh, it's 6102049998-45-54610."

    Operator: "Thank you, Mr. Sheehan. I see you live at 1742 Meadowland Drive, and the phone number's 494-2366. Your office number over at Lincoln Insurance is 745-2302 and your cell number's 266-2566. Which number are you calling from, sir?"

    Customer: "Huh? I'm at home. Where d'ya get all this information?"

    Operator: "We're wired into the system, sir."

    Customer: (Sighs) "Oh, well, I'd like to order a couple of your All-Meat Special pizzas..."

    Operator: "I don't think that's a good idea, sir."

    Customer: "Whaddya mean?"

    Operator: "Sir, your medical records indicate that you've got very high blood pressure and extremely high cholesterol. Your National Health Care provider won't allow such an unhealthy choice."

    Customer: "Damn. What do you recommend, then?"

    Operator: "You might try our low-fat Soybean Yogurt Pizza. I'm sure you'll like it"

    Customer: "What makes you think I'd like something like that?"

    Operator: "Well, you checked out 'Gourmet Soybean Recipes' from your local library last week, sir. That's why I made the suggestion."

    Customer: "All right, all right. Give me two family-sized ones, then. What's the damage?"

    Operator: "That should be plenty for you, your wife and your four kids, sir. The 'damage,' as you put it, heh, heh, comes $49.99."

    Customer: "Lemme give you my credit card number."

    Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but I'm afraid you'll have to pay in cash. Your credit card balance is over its limit."

    Customer: "I'll run over to the ATM and get some cash before your driver gets here."

    Operator: "That won't work either, sir. Your checking account's overdrawn."

    Customer: "Never mind. Just send the pizzas. I'll have the cash ready. How long will it take?"

    Operator: "We're running a little behind, sir. It'll be about 45 minutes, sir. If you're in a hurry
    you might want to pick 'em up while you're out getting the cash, but carrying pizzas on a motorcycle can be a little awkward."

    Customer: "How the hell do you know I'm riding a bike?"

    Operator: "It says here you're in arrears on your car payments, so your car got repo'ed. But your Harley's paid up, so I just assumed that you'd be using it."

    Customer: "@#%/$@&?#!"

    Operator: "I'd advise watching your language, sir. You've already got a July 2006 conviction for cussing out a cop."

    Customer: (Speechless)

    Operator: "Will there be anything else, sir?"

    Customer: "No, nothing. oh, yeah, don't forget the two free liters of Coke your ad says I get with the pizzas."

    Operator: "I'm sorry sir, but our ad's exclusionary clause prevents us from offering free soda to diabetics.

    THIS probably is closer to the truth than we think!!!

    What do you think of this ?

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    Maybe later in the futre... yes. But in my time? No. In my childrens time? No.

    There are too many concerns about all the info you provided in your story.
    Medical, financial, library... those databases are all private... unless you are a terrorist suspect.

    Privacy advocates would freak... along with the rest of the population.

    Plus... ANYONE could take over someone elses identity very easily.
    They are trying to combat this... not help it.

    Where'd you get your idea's from? Back to the future 2?
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    nice yaa!
    but if this is the info that a pizza boy has,
    then what info can we expect from a cop.............. is hard to survive then,life is better now,let it go like this

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    No more pizza for me!
    Mad Beaver

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    Where'd you get your idea's from? Back to the future 2?
    Actually i found this file in my CIS class somewgere on the network, i though it was funny but also something good to discuss about.

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    I thought this would be another thread on how delivery resturaunts are starting to take online orders. I placed my first online pizza delivery order the other day, the only downfall is it hasn't caught on so, you may want to confirm over the phone also, or your order may sit in que for a while. I think Domino's and Pizza Hut are doing it. The other 3 places I order from are local resturants and not commercial chains.

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    If the pizza boy has access to that kinda information so does everyone else which means identity theft would skyrocket. But I"m sure the government would love to have a system for themselves like that.
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    Yeah, I thought this was about online ordering of pizza, something I've done quite a bit with Papa John's.

    I don't ever see NIDNs ever being implimented due to the huge number of risks with that kind of information all being tied into a centralized database where anyone can retrieve it. I mean, if a business has that info, then you can just go pay the $35.00 bucks for a business license and you have that info too? Tools would be made to crawl the database, get info, save it into a private database, and then identity theft would skyrocket beyond belief. Won't happen. Not to mention, there would always be a class where *they* aren't registered in the NIDN.

    Separation of classes, no way to secure that kind of data, making it too public for any business, privacy is gone, it's an all-or-none method...the list goes on.

    The day NIDNS get put in place is the day that I, and countless others, leave the US. I won't have my privacy up in lights for everyone to see. Ever.
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    It's freaking bullcrap, IMO, that our nation might come down to this, but I'm positive it will. Already in Texas you have to give your thumbprint to get a license, even if you have 1000 forms of ID proving you're that person, and after you give the print it stores your info in a database automatically. I hate this crap. This is why I wanna start a new nation.

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    Haha... **** invasion of privacy laws eh. If Pizza Hut knows that I'll stage a cew(spelling major lol)..


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