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Thread: Why did AVG failed?

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    Why did AVG failed?

    I was quite disappointed when I read the February 2004 Virus Bulletin result and for the 20th time AVG failed again in the test. [AVG v7.0] this is not new I know. Could anybody share opinions/any idea on why AVG keeps failing to such tests?

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    I think that it is basically because the tests are artificial?.......Norton comes out very well, but in reality I have found it mediocre?

    I don't care how many "laboratory" viruses they find.............real live ones are more important, and in particular what about trojans?

    AVG is not the best, by the way, but it IS a hell of a lot better than nothing


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    s caught every virus ive come across, and its free so i cant complain.

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    Second hand technology, you pay for what you get. In this case you don't pay. BUT it still does the job, for most users.

    I would like to bet that as long as you keep your os upto date, don;t download warez seriels,cracks etc. Avg will keep your pc virus free.
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