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Thread: Sniffer log files

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    Sniffer log files

    my friend wanted to know if there is a site, or book that will teach him how to read hex log files from sniffers. Is there any books or sites that cover such topics indeapth.


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    re: reading hex dumps from sniffers

    Here is a decent explanation of what the hex means/corresponds to in a sniffer log file. The faq doesn't go into much detail about reading the hex, but rather focuses on the ascii output as a means of reading the hex:

    From my experience, which I'm not stating is the end-all, be-all by far, the sniffer normally has a protocol analyzer built-in that does the hard work for you. Ethereal is a prime example. In fact, I believe Syngress just published a book that covers Ethereal in great detail. Your friend my want to pick it up...

    yep, i found the link for the Ethereal book:

    Does this fit your friend's needs or is he/she looking to decode the packet hex manually?

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