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Thread: What and why AntiOnline is?

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    What and why AntiOnline is?

    Hi all..
    There's about few years ago, I visit a site called
    I got many of virus script and underground program, such as phrank BIOS configuration
    to be lost and cannot load CMOS data. I use it and I was very surprised.
    But, why AntiCode has gone? and what AntiOnline topic is?
    Is program above still exist in AntiOnline?

    Thank you so much.

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    Antionline is a Online / Computer / Technology Security community. You might be able to find that program in the security downloads section on the main page. You probably wont find very much help when it comes to underground programs, as this is supposed to be a whitehat, security site.

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    Well, some of the programs are gone, and if i remember correctly, re-directed you to this site earlier too.

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