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Thread: My Firewall logs vs. the top 10

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    Question My Firewall logs vs. the top 10

    Ok, why is it that my logs are not even remotely close to the Top Ten Trends @
    the internet storm center? I understand that different regions will have varying
    probes, and certain ISP's may or may not be blocking certain ports.But why do I
    see all these assorted attacks in the Top Ten, but my logs look the same month
    after month.

    [gloworange]90% - Ports - 1026,1027,1028[/gloworange]

    [glowpurple]5% - Ports - 17300, 27374 [Kuang2, Sub][/glowpurple]

    5% - ICMP - 8/0

    Why can't I be attacked like normal kids?

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    perhaps they are being blocked elsewhere, or perhaps the firewall you are using is not set to log ( or block ) everything.

    You said in another post you are behind a SOHO firewall, and use Zone Alarm. Which is this list from ? And are these incoming or outgoing blocks ?

    ( I’m guessing, but you use ICQ ? )
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    Firewall logs

    Didn't mean to mislead anyone but as far as the internet side I am on AOL [yeah, I know, I know, AOL creates negative air pressure , when I get back to working I'll be back on cable]

    Anyway to answer your question, here is my situation - Aol dialup, these are Visual Zone logs from behind ZoleAlarm , firewall set to High, program logging set on high, event logging on ,
    event logs = show all alerts. VisualZone is set to include non-attacks, I'm pretty sure I'm in full geek mode as far as the logs. These are incoming blocks and I have never used ICQ.


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    You are a totally unloved person? are not worth "pinging"

    Only joking! as you rightly observe, there are regional variations, variations with the ISP/subnet you are on, and so forth.

    I think another aspect is that these statistics are not "means" or averages. Where, +9 and -9 give a mean value of zero. You just might not be in the area where these values were generated.? Peaks get to the top of the poll?

    Also, I have never reported my stats to the Storm Center?..............bit like an opinion poll held on the highstreet at 3am ?...............only the guys with votes get to make the ratings?

    Just a few thoughts?


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    Thanks you two.... all is well then. And nihil, I just called my mother, she wants YOUR IP!
    Maybe somebody with some clout around here can start a poll in order to see what AO members are being hit with at home. nihil?

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