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Thread: want to shift to linux

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    want to shift to linux

    hello frends...
    i am now running win 98 on my system and want to shift to linux
    so plz help me where can i get free linux os that is compatible to my configuration
    my configuration is
    mercury 845gl mb
    128 ddr ram
    intel p4

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    828 or or www.(whatever distribution you want).org.

    I would suggest with a CD bootable version if you have never used. If you have and you want to use it more try a simple install and ready to go version such as Red Hat 9

    *************** This question has been asked millions of times on AntiOnline, so I would do a search for linux and read a few of the other threads for more information.

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    Linux live distros:

    Damn small

    Knoppix STD //security distros

    Those are easy googles for their official sites. Live discs are great for changing your mind.

    I cant think of anymore, I'm probably leavin out some good ones

    If you are truely looking to install, mandrake has an easy install gui. Not sure if it fits your requirements, though.

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    There is also a verison od Slackware ready to be installed/used from Zip drive. Might want to look at their site.

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    For starting out with linux distros i recommend Knoppix STD if you want to play around with security programs, or just for general use, Mandrake Move. Both are Live CD's which is great for starting out, because you can't break anything

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    Unless you have another windows pc, I would suggest downloading Knoppix and running that off of CD until you're comfortable with Linux. You can even install Knoppix off the CD when you're ready instead of installing another distro. When you do make the jump to Linux, make sure you back up your files on the hard drive just in case you either change your mind or something happens during the install.

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    Wow, some poor bastard here actually took the time to make a huge thread about which version of Linux to use!!!! What a sad bastard! I bet that jack ass actually thought people would read that before posting this question.

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