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    Question science fair

    Me and my friend, who are in highschool, are thinking of entering the science fair. We want to do something computer related but cant think of any good ideas (i dont think they would like us pointing out flaws in their servers security). Can you help by posting any ideas we could use...

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    If I were entering any science fair... I'd have to build myself a barmonkey.

    However... since you're in HS, you may not be allowed to bring it in.
    Your parents will have to bring it in. (my favorite) (original)

    At least you can GUARANTEE that you'll be the ONLY one there with one of those things.

    And everyone will be at your booth!
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    That's a really cool idea there phish. Couldn't he just change the breverages from alcoholic to something like soda ?

    Humm I'm gonna have to build myself one of those phish .

    You could give this book a glance : Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks
    • Building your own arcade game
    • Making radio-controlled cars play laser tag ** this one sounds like a neat idea ...
    • Building an automobile periscope
    • Hacking an 802.11b antenna
    • Building a building size display
    Operation Cyberslam
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    in my school two students did a project about controlling your home aplliances over teh internet
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