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Thread: Do i delete all the files Ad-Aware found

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    Do i delete all the files Ad-Aware found

    I have AD-Aware6 free verson. Do i delete all the stuff the scan finds? can three be files that can screw my computer? which one can be safely deleted?

    thanx in Adv

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    NOOO lol dont delete everything yet. Post here all the files found and i'll help you with that

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    sometimes Ad-Aware do remove some programs(like some internet accleratords) and sometimes other Anti-spyware programs it considers as adware. Ad-Aware first Quarintines the files it you remove, you can restore them from the quarintine if some of your legitimate program was removed. tracking cookies are always safe to delete, when in doubt you can always post it to LavaSupport.

    --Good Luck--


    ooopps almost forgot you can also post it here like Cybr1d said.

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    I delete everything, but I do know somewhat what I am doing. Some entries you might wish to exclude from deletion, if they effect how you can use your computer after deleting them. that is why they have the quarenteen feature in AdAware, so you can go back and restore something that you do need.
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    Some outfits, like Broderbund, install spyware on a computer when a proggy
    like Printmaster is installed. It's OK to nuke the Broderbund spyware,
    but Printmaster won't work.

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    I've recently seen ad aware crash a pc, it gave a friend of mine a windows/system not found error on bootup. But regardless of that I would still recommend it. Im guessing maybe some spyware replaced a system file and adaware deleted it. But who knows.

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    Tell me what the files are

    some time they are fake alarms

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    I don't agree with you guys. I have been using Ad-aware and Spybot S&D for more than 11 months. They have worked for me real good. Firstly, you should install software from legitimate source. Secondly, nothing goes in deleting / cleaning the files with Ad-aware and later RECOVERING it if one of your program doesn't work.

    I would recommend you keeping using it and also keep IT UPDATED... cya... hope it helps.

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    ya, Ad-aware or spybot (one or both of the two, I can't remember) flagged C-Dilla when I ran it, which is the license manager used for 3DS Max. also if you are using any adware supported software, like DivX codec (for encoding, not just playing) then you have to keep the gator crap that comes with it, otherwise the software in question will no longer work.
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    quarantine for now, run PC, if all OK, then leave in quarantine, there they do no harm and they don't need feeding ? start to delete them one by one in a couple of months.previous answers cover it all.
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