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Thread: Help Needed. Home page changing

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    Help Needed. Home page changing

    I have just noticed my browser home page is set to res://mshp.dll/sp.html#37049 .i changed but it again replaced . I have used Ad-Aware to detect it, i also tried Spybot. but it didn't work. I have AVG free verson i have also scanned with it.

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    Another Cool Web Search Trojan Try CWShredder . AD-Aware/Spybot wouldn't be able to detect it.

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    You have been hijacked, try this:


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    i scanned with CWShredder and now i can change my home page. i don't understan i have a AV, ad-aware, spybot how many tools do i need, can some body list me all of them

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    Diffrent Programs perform different functions like Ad-aware/SpyBot scans your computer for data-mining, aggressive advertising, and tracking components. HijackThis lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, startup items. Keylogger Hunter is a program that attempts to detect any keyloggers that may be running on your computer etc. etc. and so on ...

    Generally one Adware/Spyware remover and one CoolWebSearch Remover does the trick. I have AD-Aware And CWShredder they take care of almost all the problems, but you never know what you might need


    Dosen't mean you have to install each and every one of them. depends on your needs.

    --Good Luck--

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    you could also use this
    Registry Prot-detects changes on your registries.
    WinPatrol-great cookie remover/detector, detects IE Helpers, start-up of all only requires a little bit of RAM

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    SpyBot Search & Destroy does have some cool features,
    such as locking your IE start page, IE control panel and the hosts file.
    Go to "immunize" and look at the bottom of the page.
    Naturally you want to be 'clean' first.

    AdAware has some plugins that will give you lots of info about
    the Layered Service Providers on your box and allow you to
    disable 'messenger'.

    I think that Spyware Blaster allows you make snapshots
    of your system settings, but I do not quite understand that feature.
    Will have to get the app.

    Then there is also 'Shields Up' and 'Leak Test' are worth
    checking out.

    The tools are on the net!!!


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