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Thread: more GOOGLE!

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    more GOOGLE!

    I was in the bookstore earlier and saw the new edition of Wired.
    They have a nice little feature on google.

    Luckily for us, they also have it online... so enjoy!

    Want to topple the Web's darling? It's simple - build a trillion-page, ad-free, up-to-the-minute search engine for everything ever put on the Net.
    Ha! Easier said than done...

    Good stuff.
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    Notwithstanding any thing about google, (I know it is the best search engine and I use it many times a day) but gotta add this too, may fun or whatever:

    Subject: Google
    Issue: User Privacy



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    Hey Hey,

    I've seen the Googlemainia article before, it's very well done and I really enjoyed the read. I must say this is the first time I've seen Google Watch however, and I'm appalled. Side note to skiddies: Turn your attention away from SCO and MS and target j/k...
    That is an absolutely horrid site, it's a good thing I believe in free speech or I'd have a lot of problems with them. I think Google should sue them for defamation of character (does that work at a corporate level?). It's nothing but a bunch of conspiracy nuts.

    Just look at Daniel Brandt. One page I read on him said he'd be the director of the CIA if Nader had won in 2000. This alone scares me, he's resistant to the idea of the draft and a conspiracy nut. He attacks Google for being anti-privacy and he runs a website that collects and stores information which he runs through his private investigation service. I'd say he's Anti-Privacy.

    I'd say he's upset because his websites (which are quite shitty... i'll list links below) aren't doing well on the page rank system. He's also talked on various occasions about trying to beat the page rank system. Perhaps if his pages didn't suck ass they'd be useful, who knows... Anyways I wouldn't take a word this guy said as the truth. I'd even have a hard time accepting that the Earth rotates around the Sun if it was coming from him, even though I know it's true. He's nothing more than a crock of **** who wants media attention....

    Links as promised:

    Interview with Daniel Brandt


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