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Thread: Remote station(s) managment

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    Remote station(s) managment

    What do people think is the best software for the job?
    requirments :::

    1. Allows for remote instalation of software to any given workstation(s) from a central server.
    2. Ability to view current workstation usage (desktop view, running processes etc)
    3. Remote Access/Control
    4. Scheduling of specific tasks to run on workstation(s)

    i would prefer something that runs silently in background but not essential


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    That depends on how deep your pockets are. Is this for a small company or for an enterprise?
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    Man, horse aint joking bro, some of that software is $3-7,000 and up for the excecutive software. Well, I'm starting to talk about stuff I've never used so, I'll let the Senior Engineers take over, & go back to reading my oreilly camel book.

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    hiii there
    welll i know this is out of discussion but we r doing a project on exactly the same thing its more a learning project than anything else since we are in lower semesters anyways if someone tell me good links and some good books i will be grateful

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    thehorse :: quite deep pockets walked into this office and am doing complete revamp
    new dialer, reporting software - just really making it alot more reliable/modern
    am compiling a "wish list" at the moment with what i need to get this place at top spec

    so looking for something that will prove to be cost effective in relation to man-hrs
    we have roughly 60 workstations atm with it looking like we are going to be increasing greatly in near future - so need something that can manage alot of stations

    at the moment all software etc has to be installed manually on each machine - a pain to say the least >_<;

    so if you gimmie a couple of recommendations - maybe a low cost/mid cost/high cost so I can look into them, and see the balance between features/cost


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    Having just visited the corporate head quarters of an international telemarketing firm, the software they used impressed me.

    The one package was called Ship-It which allows the scheduling of remote installs.

    I can't quite recall the name of the other package for remote administration and surveillance but i believe the acronym was AMO. Assets Management Options I believe.

    Both programs had excellent interfacing and were quite efficient, available from Computer Associates

    The company I was at was managing 8000 workstations world wide, from the US to the UK to the Phillipines.

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    At this one place I did some work for they had fully scripted installs. It must have taken a long time to create but damn was it nice. Other then that I'm no help to this converstation but I'd love to know more about good remote deployment software
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