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Thread: are Anonymous Proxies realy private

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    I am currently useing complete anonomous web surfing (caw) It make proxy chians

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    Wink Are proxies useful?

    Proxies are a good thing for anonymous surfing. The best ones are located in countries other that the U.S. (if you live in the US). In fact there are countries that cooperate with Governments (the US for instance), so the best ones are ones that don't cooperate with the people you're worried about. You should use a browser that doesn't use Java, Javascript, and will not use cookies to avoid giving out info through your browser (avoid internet explorer). Proxy lists are available on the net, search around. I hope it's ok to list this:

    A lot of useful tools there.

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    If you are honestly that concerned with privacy and information leaks, and you are willing to sacrafice Java, etc etc and other daily uses, then I suggest looking into a different distro entirley. - TinFoil Hat Linux

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    to check your privacy!

    Hi guys, It's really great discussion about privacy through proxies!
    I liked to add these lines from my little knowledge:
    some proxies will forward a http header to the next target (e.g. website, or proxy) it is
    and others will not, so first you have to check if the proxy you use is forwarding this variable,
    you may check for this at:

    you can read more about that, i got a PHP code that you can use to check if connected users are using proxies [maybe you upload the code to your website to check your privacy]:
    Thanks guys...

    echo "Starting Proxy Detection System<br><br>";

    #Here you can call a function to check if the IP is blocked
    #and if not then continue to the IF statement

    echo "Warring: You might be using a proxy server to connect us<br><br>";
    echo "Connected Via: " . $HTTP_VIA . " - " . $REMOTE_ADDR;
    echo "<br>Your real IP: " . $HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR;
    echo "You are probably not using a proxy server<br>";
    echo "Your IP: " . $REMOTE_ADDR;


    Beware of security guys!

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    Greetings, For my money the best proxy is at KINKOS, bring your own Laptop. In my case I use my G4 few ports.

    If you go to Kinkos with your own Laptop they will not even charge you, let alone make you sign the "LOG BOOK" which is kind of funny on its own.


    Just a thought
    Get some good religion from Bad Religion.

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