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Thread: Java Question

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    Java Question

    One of the rules when working with java is :
    ( *, /, % ) takes precendence over ( + , - )

    So how comes the result produces 2.5, and not 3 (to get 3 i did three/two first = 1.5 and then added 1.5 to it - this follows the above rule

    int three = 3;
    int two = 2;
    double result;

    result = 1.5 + three/two;

    result = 2.5

    Am i over looking, or doing something really stupid ? Any ideas ?

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    Try using a double for the vars two and three instead of an int. Should work I think.
    Seems three/two is seen as an integer and rounded down?
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    Or another way of looking at it is 2 only goes into 3 one time..el-half is correct, if you want the correct value to come out of the division portion, at least one needs to be a double value.

    EDIT: ie 1/3=0, but 1.0/3.0=.3333333e

    Another way of doing it would be <var>=2.5 + (double) 3/2;

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    Doing (double) 3/2 will not return the correct result, because Java will calculate the result as an integer division and round down to 1, then cast to a double giving 1.0.

    Either specify one of two/three as a double or do the following:

    result = 1.5 + (((double) three) / two)

    Casting has low precedence in relation to arithmetic operations so it will cast the result if you don't use brackets rather than casting the number.
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    Yep, I forgot to add the brackets, and I posted incorrect info, and I knew better

    /me slaps self on head

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