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Thread: crash ie

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    crash ie

    hey what was that url that crashes your browser and pc? it was that bouncing smiley on black background and it popups new windows. and i think there is that sound that says "you are stupid". i think it is being used as a bumper sticker link by one of the members here. also i hope there's a patch for ie for this issue. thanks!

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    muhahahahbab here


    its just a prank cf_jet it dosen't crash your Computer or something. though i have a hard time closing it in IE. if you have disabled popups and scripts it wouldn't work. Dosen't work in my FireFox No flash installed and JS disabled hahaha

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    The security vurnelability of crashing IE is discussed here in the SecurityFocus Bugtraq.
    Bouncing around is a completely different thing!

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