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Thread: Possible ram deficiantcy??

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    Possible ram deficiantcy??

    Greetings everyone:

    I have been gaming on pc's for about three years now and have come to love such titles as "Half-life,Tfc,CS,Unreal,and waiting ever so long for half-life 2" and I have noticed that once and while I will get a "No free entities error" and the game will shut down, no matter what game I was playing. I am running win xp sp1 2600. I have had this problem on 600 p3 with 512 sd, 2100 amd with 1.5 ddr, 3000 amd 3ddr ati and nvidia cards the best ones they make.

    I don't know if its the ram or its the games setting of the ram it allocates?
    any suggestions?

    ps : sry if this is the wrong area for question like this...

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    It sounds like the games to me..

    If you tested it on all of those PC's o_O;;

    I would talk to the tech support on those games and see what there take on it is. There might be a patch for those. But, did you transfer memory from one system to the other? If that was the case then theres a higher probability that it's your ram..
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    na, each box I built new.I found out that it was a buffer overflow in the game,see whats happening is I am changing things in the game like adding alot of things and it crashes the game like a buffer overflow.Its not an actual buffer overflow but like one...thanks though

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    Just to clarify?

    It is obviously not the memory, given the machines you have tried.

    I do recall having problems with some complex games where it would crash after you had "changed the rules in mid-flight", it did not seem to matter what specs the machine had. It seemed to be some sort of system resources thing?

    I had to change settings, then restart and the games ran OK.

    Does this work for you?


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    yes that seems to be excactly whats happening, I think I will try to trace this back to entity allowance. Each game is designed a llittle different but all allowcate some form of space to be used for entitys and the allowance of spawning them. It can probably be found in the settings of the cvars or game variables. I think the game designers do this in mind of most machines being at a certain level like(p4 1.7 ghz and 1.0 ghz ddr)for instance the game the matrix the requirements are @ least 1.7 ghz with 256 ddr. So if I had a better machine I should be able to change variables so I can add a ton of stuff like bots and guns without the game stopping!!! I will give it try and keep this tread posted ...thanks guys

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