Thank you (especially to tigershark) I've managed to set up the DNS server thanx to your directions in my other thread.

But I have problem still

When a client is set to workgroup or another domain and I try to join it into my new domain through network ID and network properties the client will find the domain and join in ... the dhcp from my server specifies the Server ( as the gateway (haven't connected it to the net yet) and as name server and DNS server

the problem is that when i try to "look" at the domain from the client it will not find my "test" share ... when i try to do "nslookup" it will say that the name server ( isn't aviable or non-existing domain)

the server is (for now) set to to look at DNS and it will find itself fine but when i set it to (which is static IP of server it will fail to find itself ... this is also the address where clients are supposed to find it....

anyideas... why can server find itself on loopback add. but not on it's accual ip (
client can find it on its accuall IP either but when can join the domain....