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Thread: firefox 0.8 gone horribly wrong

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    firefox 0.8 gone horribly wrong

    Just a few moments ago I was tweaking some internal settings of firefox, to which I now regret. Not only does it look like the 4th of July meets Tron, but it's now completely unusable. See the attached image for the details. WARNING: I take no responcibility for any form of physical injury occuring to the viewers while they stare at it.

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    OMFG. How much did you abuse it. Now you scared me, im not gonna touch any my firefox settings.

    Damn what a scary picture.

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    wow the looks of it i couldn't say it was really messed it up

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    OMG.....thats neat. How did you get that effect, what did you do? (and of course were you able to correct it?)
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    I changed a few options in the "More settings" field within the "Things they left out" plugin. It has never given me problems before, but (and I cant recall which setting could have done this) after this new Fedora install.... who knows.

    Correct it? Are you kidding me? I can hardly make out the config menu much less where the buttons should be on it.

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    omg, lmao, that is hilarious. I have never seen any browser (or window infact) be that screwed up after a bit of reconfiguring.

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    it looks to me like firefox went into some kind of "edit layout" mode..

    kinda looks like a QT designer ( layout of an app..
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    Hey thatz great work.. dude... i m sure you had made great efforts to do that

    I m sure they would be sending u a check of $ 0.000000000001 for this great work.. he he he ..
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