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Thread: The Ultra Exploit

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    The Ultra Exploit

    I threw out my computer when I read this article....true story.

    The best part is when they say "Molecular structure"

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    Oh my F*****G gawd i had to print that up -- WAYYYY too funny, thank you hahahahaha

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    Not to be a ***** but
    I threw out my computer when I read this article....true story
    How did you make this thread.

    Amusing article

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    Its the Weekly World news... what do you expect from a paper that has pictures of George Bush Sr. and Aliens....
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    - Have you seen the state of the computer? It must be about 8 yrs old at least...

    But all joke asside, computers, or more exactly computer monitors, used to blow up if the display settings were wrong or the heat was too high (a loooong time ago)... Guess that's what happened when you tried to overclock a VGA monitor
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    really humorous and by the way where did you get that avatar from
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    you can drill a tiny hole into the computer monitor crt and fill it up w/ gasoline and styrofoam mixture (napalm) w/ a funnel... guess what happens when you turn the switch ON

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