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Thread: Remote Host on Loopback Question

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    Remote Host on Loopback Question

    Ok, I don't know if this is bad, good or indifferent but I figured I'd ask.
    I had recently downloaded Shareaza to check out the program. Afterwards, I deleted the program via add/remove programs. I also skimmed through the registry and removed any values this program dropped may have in there. So basically, I removed whatever I could.

    Well, I'm seeing a strange situation now with my localhost connection/loopback in my firewall logs (Outpost Pro). I've been using Mozilla 1.5 on a Windows ME box and for as long as I can remember, the Remote Address on a LocalHost Connection/Loopback was always LocalHost. For some strange reason now, the Remote Address is

    I checked out as many web sites as I could and found no real answer to this. Hopefully someone here can explain this a little better to me or at least tell me if this is a bad situation or not.

    Here's a sample of my Local Host Connection firewall log entries:
    11:21:00 AM mozilla.exe TCP IN (Remote Address) 1289 (remote port) Localhost Connection 1288 (local port)

    11:21:00 AM mozilla.exe TCP OUT (Remote Address) 1288 (remote port) Allow Loopback 1289 (local port)
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    Perhaps it's put en entry in HOSTS for localhost to be called ?


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    it sounds as if its looking to see if your nic is working. which is weird if you removed it either way its only a cache so its just there to keep a fresh copy of that cookie or cache file. I dont think this should be a problem but if you feel it is a threat just add a restriction in your firewall to block any attempts to this address.

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