I can't say enough about this product. X1 can search your files, emails, contacts and other data as fast as you can type the search words.

I like to keep stuff - old data, old emails, etc. rather than constantly deleting them. Cheap hard drive space makes that possible. But, 2 years later when I decide I want to find something it is virtually impossible to locate it sifting through a 120Gb hard drive- its the proverbial needle in a haystack.

X1 indexes your computer and will find files and messages based on your search terms as fast as you can type the key words. It will also highlight the key words in the located files and messages so you can quickly pinpoint where they occur.

You can learn more about the product here: X1

The product is normally $99, but X1 has a special 50% special going on through the end of March. You can click on the 50% off link in my review of the product here: Profile: X1 Search