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Thread: removing screensaver names

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    removing screensaver names

    i installed a screensaver in my box it got hanged when i ran it it gave the same response many times the screensaver didn't have an uninstall file so i deleted the folder containing the saver.BUT the name still EXISTS in the display -screensavers tab.are there ways to remove the uninstalled programmed names can be deleted from the registry
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    Which OS do you have?

    the screensaver is genarally stored in "C:\Windows" or "C:\Windows\System" directory if you have Windows 95/98/ME and C:\Winnt\" or "C:\Winnt\System32" in WinNT/2000/XP . search for *.scr files in these folders if you find the .scr file with the same name as the Screen saver. Delete it or if you want to be more safe move it to some other directory the screen saver should be removed from the "Display Properties" Dialog box.

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    Does it appear in "add/remove programs" (assuming you are using windows)? Try getting rid of it from there......if it exists but won't let you delete it, try reinstall & remove.

    You have now learned that it is not a good idea to just go deleting files and folders

    It sounds as though part of your problem was a corrupt installation in the first instance, and those are always difficult to call. You may have to reinstall it anyway, for anything to get rid of it properly?

    Good luck

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