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Thread: graphic card instalation problem-advice pls

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    graphic card instalation problem-advice pls

    hi all
    and thanks for your response as usual very fast and useful.
    xp pro
    amd athlon 1800(tm) h-series
    512 mg ddr 2100
    motherbord asus a7a266-E
    at the moment had leadtek nvidia gforce 2 mx/mx400 64 ddr
    (i did not follow the golden rule dont change nothing until is broken ) so i decided to change the card
    i bought ati radeon 9200se 128 ddr gexcube (agp8x)

    i follow instructions and when everything was done system rebooted i couldnt logg into the computer any more
    it gave me a message-windows was unable to save all the data for the file c:|$mkt.
    so i went back and use last working configuratuions.
    tried few tings like uninstaling and instaling back same thing message same and sometimes you may have problem with your hardware or network connections.
    so i took it out and put my old one back
    when i instaled radeon card i was able to work even test her with aida 32 and drivers were there everythink was working ok.
    once i shut down or reboot same thing happen.
    my motherboor supports 2x and 4x agp but on the card its said it supports 4x and 8x so that should be fine or is not?

    do i have to change something in bios?
    i am very familiar with instalations and hardware as i am able to put pc togather from scratch-done it so many times
    where to start from here?
    just concerned not to damage motheboard.

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    Just a few things to eliminate:

    1. In the BIOS, have you set the graphics to 4X?
    2. Have you tried deleting/uninstalling the drivers from the old card, they may conflict?
    3. Will it boot OK in safe mode?
    4. Have you checked the MoBo site to make sure that graphics card is's not just 2x, 4x, 8x..............there are other issues

    5. Try out the ATI site, they should have an FAQ and a forum, check the FAQ and the forum, and maybe ask your question there. I think the issue might with the MoBo.
    6. Are your sound card drivers up to date.
    7. Have you got the latest drivers (like AS OF TODAY)............I have had a 6 week old Radeon play up on XPpro, and I solved it by loading new drivers that were only a week old!!!!
    8. Try to have your videocard NOT sharing resources like IRQ

    Let us know how you get on


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