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    Outlook Question

    Ok some of you may have seen the volume of questions my new job has generated on the site well here's a new one.

    I need a way to ensure that all emails sent through outlook are also sent to an admin email. We are sure that certain individuals are using their email for non-work related purposes.

    Capturing traffic at the router etc is not possible at this time so is there a way of fwding all outgoing messages to a second email addy without the user being aware of it?

    There are no issues with invasion of provacy etc as it is detailed in the employies contracts that all activities done through the work computers may be recorded and/or monitored.

    Software = Microsoft Outlook 2000
    OS = win2k

    thanks for the help again


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    Hey Hey,

    Exchange or pop3/smtp? If it's pop3, i'm guessign a piece of filtering software on the server (should be easy to find somethnig on freshmeat or especially if it's linux).

    If it's exchange how about this:

    How about using Message Tracking? I'm not quite sure if it'll do exactly what you want, but it's fairly simple to pull off and enable. Then you can just go into the Message Tracking Center to check out the information.

    Simply go into the properties of your exchange server and enable subject logging and display and enable message tracking.

    It may do the trick for ya.


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    If you are using Exchange you can have a copy sent sent to the Administrator mailbox by going into the properties of the users mailbox > delivery options (going from memory here).

    If you are just using the Outlook Internet mail may want to contact the ISP about coping all messages to a central mailbox for you...


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    If you are using an SMTP relay to transfer mail in and out of your organization, check the configuration of your relay. I believe most relay software can route mail to other addresses.

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    It's a 21 day trial and a little "crippled" but I think you can put the fear of god into your users with this
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