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Thread: No right click

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    Zonewalker - How about some more complication to that rename procedure? I'll have to toss out a few other ways just to confuse everyone .

    If some things don't work, Windows always gives you another way. These were found in the Windows Help file. Quite an interesting read if you want to become super fast at using Windows with all sorts of decptive tricks and what not.

    I don't know if security policies can block some of these, but they are possibilities... I don't want to play with my security config or make any new users for this stuff, and thus I presented it in a question format.

    Does selecting a file, and pressing SHIFT + F10 get you a "right click menu"?
    How about the menu key on a Windows keyboard?
    What about selecting the file and pressing F2? (rename)
    How about selecting the file, pressing ALT + ENTER, and then renaming it via properties?

    Since most of these solutions are built into Windows itself though, there is a possibility it could be disabled somehow. But, these are different solutions for a change.

    Anyways, with Windows, if there is a will, there is a way. Almost any insane idea that you have could work in the Windows world, from drag-and-drop to keyboard skill to classic command prompt commandage. BTW, if I spent about five minutes in my school's library I could easily bypass anything they have in there AND clean up their massive spyware infestation. But I'm lazy so I deal with missing a desktop, missing run program feature, and a horde of other missing things to get work done for school. I haven't meet the techs at this (new) school, but with the horrible job they appear to be doing I'm not even going to bother.

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    Phish and Tim - I love you guys sometimes (in a slap my thigh lets have another 10 pints of beer kind of way) - my personal computer cycle i.e. my brain, is on the K.I.S.S curve at the moment but hey if it keeps you guys happy I'm cool with confusion

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    Why not use regedit.exe to make the changes unless i have misunderstood the question? Simple enough VB Macro code.

    Sub regedit ()
    System.PrivateProfileString(" ", "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System\", "DisableRegistryTools") = 0
    Shell "C:\windows\regedit.exe"
    End Sub
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    Why even bother renaming the file? .reg files are extremely easy to make, and you can open a .reg file in notepad just as if it were a .txt file. No need to rename the file. Notepad ignores the extension and opens it anyways. If the file is plaintext, which a .reg is, you will easily be able to edit it.

    in the run line, or at a CLI-
    notepad c:\test\test.reg


    However, if the person administering the systems has half of a brain, you won't be able to edit the registry with a normal user account. So double-clicking on the .reg file will give you a permissions error. Or atleast it should.

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    Hey thanks for the replys guys/girls. Im gonna print this off and send it to the admin along with how i found the exported reg files (done by accident aswell ).

    Re-reading your posts it seems most of you are under the impresion that i want to acctully edit the registry. That is not the case. The whole reason for asking the question here is that i DONT want to actully do anything on the system however i would like to know if my ideas where possible.

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