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Thread: proxies chains

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    Question proxies chains

    What is the best program for proxy chaining. I looked on google but found useless programs

    Is there another way of surfing the web with out useing proxies?

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    Seems like you are very concerned about your privacy-

    The internet isn't very private, everyone will tell ya man. You're best bet I think would be to use out of country proxies, but it all depends on who runs it. Every transfer of information has to go through someone, sometime, and unless you encrpyt everything and it can be decrypted on the other end, I don't see how you can be 100 % private. And even encryptions can be cracked.

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    Checkout multiproxy, personally I don't trust it myself...because it's a program that does something that you would think would be monitoring....although common networking practice..I dunno I guess i'm a little paranoid or something lol.

    And I would have to agree with Soda on this one, out of country for two reasons, Harder to get information, and they have different laws. If you know all of the.."Don't use public proxies as walls to hide behind...use zombies..." type of thing then thats good I won't go further then that... But multiproxy is the only thing that i've ever used for this..well that and just using the http interface and chaining with that method.
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    check out they maintain a list of proxies that you can use (removes the need for a seperate app, just plug it into your browser setting).

    I`ve played about with the Steganos Internet annom, its ok but slows down browsing speed quite considerably.
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    I'm a little grumpy tonight but how many proxy threads are you going to start? Yesterday we answered your questions about proxies, proxy chaining, where to go to find them, and how to do it. Here's the thread:

    Check the responses again and you will see how to chain the proxies on your address bar. You can also chain anonomizers if you're that concerned. But as long as you aren't doing anything illegal and you have a good firewall, av, and spybot/adware tools, you probably can get by without the proxies.

    Is there another way of surfing the web with out useing proxies?
    Yes, you can surf the web without them.

    Do a search at this site by typing in the word "proxies" in the search box, and you will find over 55 discussions out of 233, that deal specifically with proxies, proxy chaining, and anonomizers. Come on now, do some reading!

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