Hey all,

This is luv kid , just a formal introduction ,to all , as i think i ll be at this place for a long duration now. (i find it intresting ;-) so think of me as another darling here .. to stay.. <grin>

I was away from security etc. and happy with routers switches, AP , and those giants from Dell inspiron, compaq ML, those days of NT 4.0 and the current date with 2003, some kisses from the WLAN 802.11x and now flirting with MOSPF etc. but a recent chat attack, were i lost something really critical made me to delve again in security , and i think i will b in it .

Well u will find me here more often frm now .. sure to help you all with what every little or more i know...

"in every color there is light, in every stone there sleeps a crystal, Man is a dream so tough"