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Thread: Digital Email Signing

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    Digital Email Signing

    Does anyone have any recommendations for getting a digital email certificate?
    Or can point me in the right direction--


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    is PGP Desktop still around?

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    Its still around, but I'm looking to digitally sign my email, not to encrypt it.

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    If you are referring to a personal digital certificate you can get them at most major CA's (Certificate Authority). I use Verisign (

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    is PGP Desktop still around?
    The reason for Info Tech Geek reference to PGP Desktop is that alot of people use their puplic key as a means of digitaly signing programs and e-mail.
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    That might be totally out of context, but you know, the MD5 sum algorithm, used to check integrity on packages and stuff (and used for linux passwords I think...), would there be anyway of getting a checksum for your message, and then posting it on a website?
    MD5 seems to be quite fast - to get a checksum for an iso, it only took me about 45 secs.
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    You need to decide on a technology to use first, the two most prominent would be:
    PGP - good open source support, not supported out of the box by most MUA's
    S/MIME - pretty good open source support, supported out of the box my most MUA's

    Truth be told, both probably have a place depending on the crowd you're sending your signed emails to.

    If you want to use PGP, check out GnuPG ( You can use Gnupg to generate keys, verify others' keys, and sign/encrypt just about anything, including email. For email support, it depends on your MUA. If you're using Outlook, check out the GData plugin ( site is in German, but it's pretty easy to figure out and it free. If you're using one of the major open source MUA's, check out Enigmail ( Enigmail works in conjunction with GnuPG to provide PGP mail support.

    As far as getting keys/certs, you can generate your own with PGP. If you want to use S/MIME, check out Thawte's freemail community ( for getting free certificates.


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    Do you want true verification?

    Try a code phrase only that person would know.

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