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Thread: scheduled chech of disk on boot xp-remove??

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    scheduled chech of disk on boot xp-remove??

    hi guys
    thnks for your reply usualy fast,
    since i installed and uninstaled new video card which gave me trouble(so i got back to old one) my pc goes to check all my hard disk when i pres the start button.
    Look in scheduled tasks in control panel but nothig is there.looked in start options on boot( msconfig) but can not recognize it.
    is it there or where is it to stop it??

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    1) Close your computer
    2) Open it and leave the checkdisk do it stuff
    3) Close your computer
    4) Open it and he won't do a checkdisk anymore..

    Basically, until your let checkdisk do it stuff, he'll try over and over.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    hi unvi$ible

    Have you actually let it run right through yet? You may have a disk problem that needs to be fixed. if yes..(you have let it) I suggest you try the following things:

    • Try Run Chkdisk /f from inside Windows. then restart and let it run. see if it runs again
    • Also Check you msconfig file. (StartMenu-->Run-->mscongfig) on the general tab, make sure the button for either "normal startup" or "selective startup" are checked.. The problem you described may be related to having the "diagnostic startup" selected.


    if the above suggesstion dosen't help try performing a Clean Boot in Windows XP
    Check this Article At Microsoft Chkdsk Runs Each Time That You Start Your Computer .

    --Good Luck--

    [edit again..] spelling.. correction[/edit]

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