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Thread: NAV to others comparison

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    NAV to others comparison

    I'm stuck. I have been using Norton Internet Security and Antivirus for a year now. It has served me well. However, I have been told by many other reliable sources that other programs are available that are MUCH better. I'm told AVG and a few others do a much better job. How accurate are these assumptions and which one should i stay with, or use? Thank you for any and all input and suggestions.

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    This is almost like asking if you like Ford or Cheverolette. It is very much an opinion of the answerer.
    Now if you are considering cost as a factor, and wish to use a free service the yes AVG is probably one of the best antivirus out there. And Kireo would probably be the best firewall.
    A google search (comparisons of antivirus products) lended this :
    and the third hit was a comparison of eight different antivirus:
    So it vary much depends on what you personally are looking for.
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    Originally posted here by moxnix
    This is almost like asking if you like Ford or Cheverolette.
    Hmmm, What if I say Hyundai because it is cheap, and does what it is supposed to...

    Don't laugh, I use eTrust AntiVirus, Agnitum Outpost Firewall, and also have a harware (Router/Firewall).

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    I currently have the Corp Edition deployed and as a comparison to others like sophos and TrendMicro, SAV is behind the eight ball in features and functionality.

    Limited logging ability at a high level. This means that it is hard to get a true sense of how bad a particular type of infection is.
    Shoddy networking. Management consoles must reside on the same subnet as AMS servers (these guys generate SNMP traps and fire them off to your SIM)
    Enterprise level failover and redundancy is in its infancy. Their failover and load balancing, if at all present, is proprietary. This means you can't use an F5 box to balance the load should you want to have a single AV piont of presence.

    Anyway, others in the industry have these abilities.

    My two cents.
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    I agree with thehorse13 completely, but would like to add that Symantec AVF for Exchange has worked extremely well in my company. We've used it for two years now and have had NOTHING hit a user mailbox and it's not like we're not a target either. We've averaging about 35 quarantines an hour for the past couple of weeks. It's a tight product, but it's got its weaknesses as well.

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    Norton just sucks. McAfee isn't too far in front either. IMHO use what works and dump the rest. AVG is good and for corporate environments TrendMicro has never failed anyone I know. (And I know quite a few people, hehehe)

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    On all of my Windows boxes, I use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro and AVG. I have never had a problem with AVG or Sygate. My only complaint, having spent some time with Norton and MacAfee, is the lack of customization in scanning. I have always preferred to have an unscanned folder for some of my trojans, exploits, and whatnot. (It's purely for testing my own network, I care little for what other people have on their computers.)

    I also liked ZoneAlarm as a firewall, but you have to go with Pro for it to be really good.
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    As many have said, I will really have to stick with Trend Micro I love PCcillin, I have work for a place that we do a lot of virus scans and such and Norton usually has a problem either fixing viruses but I have never had any problems with pccillin so if I had to choose I would really push you to trend micro, great great program and for a firewall if you dont have the experience for iptables then I was a big fan of tiny software, used to be free but now I believe you have to pay for it. take a look at it at
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    My wife used Norton on her computer for a year and had some problems, minor in nature but a nuisance. We recently switched to Panda Titanium Security Suite and she was surprised at how much faster her computer ran. Panda runs a version of Sygate's firewall with a modified GUI.

    Prior to Panda, I used Kaspersky 4.5 and the resource hit was just too heavy. Norton? If you're happy with it, and it works for you, great. For us, it just didn't cut it.

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    Thank you for your info and suggestions. I'll be switching to Sygate this weekend.
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