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Thread: Help with SuSe

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    Help with SuSe

    Several days ago I put a new HDD on my Dell computer 2400 series, 2.5Ghz, 625 MB RAM, two HDD's one with XP (it came with it pre-installed) and in the other one I installed SuSe 9.0 (I'm totally new to Linux) but the problem is that I cannot install the video card driver that comes in the " Dell resource CD" so the interface is very bad and it is a pain in the butt to read something. Does anyone have any suggestions???
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    Do you know what kind of video card you have in the computer? Make / Model?

    If its a ATI RADEON Graphics Card or a GeForce FX (which is what they have been putting in a lot of the Dells) then you might look to the manafacturers site to get linux drivers. Dell is not going to support linux and does not have the drivers for linux on its cd.

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    Step 1. go to web site for whoever makes the card.

    step 2. understand when you buy a computer that the CDs they come with will NOT work in linux. they are for windows only.
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