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Thread: More DNS help ... it's been 2 weeks...

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    More DNS help ... it's been 2 weeks...

    My domain is still not working. Switched network. I've gotten to the point where the clients can join

    1st through the "My computer" "Properties" & then throught "My Computer" "Network ID" they are authenticated but when I try to browse the domain through the client it will tell me that name server isn't aviable. Some of the workstations CAN browse the domain. One of the workstation couldn't untill I plugged the whole thing into the router and then it could. WTF

    Another one counldn't w/ a switch or a router. Another one can w/ both. what the **** is going on.

    DNS cannot connect to itself on it's accual IP only on how is that possible ... it says it's runningin the managemnt console. I have used all the default settings in setting up the server but it's failing randomly. Could it be something w/ cleints ... like too many old accounts.

    Nothing seems out of order in dhcp/dns/AD .... no errors ...

    only the event viewer complains that it cannot start "system control manager" and "dns has the wrong password

    all i do is install the OS w/ all the nessesary components and then give it "domain.local" ... active dir. integrated ... 1st domain 1st tree 1st forest... only one controller .. as simple as can be but it never works when it finishes

    should i do it manually instead

    sould all the cleints be purged somehow before joining the domain... or should i reinstall the workstations

    help me

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    With all the problem you had, I think you shold hire a consulting compagny to help you.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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