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Thread: Office XP SP3

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    Office XP SP3

    Office Xp Service Pack 3 is out since yesterday. It does include the yesterday patch in the Service Pack. Happy Download and Patching.
    -Simon \"SDK\"

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    Office XP SP3 breaks some anti-spam software

    Thanks for heads up SDK. We installed it on a couple machines and found that it impacted our anti-spam software so that now we are prompted everytime asking if it's ok for the software to read an Outlook address book (which it must do to compare email senders to see if OK). In poor design by Microsoft, this popup does NOT show you WHAT program is trying to access.

    Discussed via NTBugTraq that SP3 has introduced new elements that are protected by the Object Model Guard. Reference:

    The mechanism was introduced in a way to keep the worms/viruses from spreading by accessing your address book. Which is a good thing! I'm glad M$ added this feature, they just didn't seem to tell anyone about these new elements being least I didn't see anything.

    For iHateSpam (by Sunbelt Software) users, they have issued a new build which addresses this problem (re.; you dont get the pop up message asking if it's ok). New build located here

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