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Thread: linux or windows?

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    linux or windows?

    Is linux beter as windows or is windows berter as linux ?

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    Neither, Commodore 64 is the best. It OWNZ.
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    if 10 go

    Hey, I have a new idea for you, see that little box in the upper right hand side of the main menu. Yep the one that says "Forum Search" why don't you enter your question in there and see how many times previously this subject has been brought up and also the response to the question. Just kinda of a hint before you get torched again.

    Edit: maybe he's timing to see how long it takes for his gray dot to catch fire....

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    This doesn't seem right. Are you someone pretending to be a bad poster or what? It's just weird. You've started the two most hated threads ever. When's the hotmail thread?

    If you are serious, it depends on your experience. Use what you know and that's better.

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    What are you talking about? Everyone knows SCO Unix is the way to go!

    Heh heh riiiiiiight...

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    **** this guy spells almost as badly if not worse than NFG did. Your style of OS is your choice. I have used a mac. I used windows 3.1, 95, 98, & XP. I used RH linux... you name it and I have probably ran it a few times.

    They have all done their job. A OS is a OS nothing more.

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    seems like a good thread to do a...

    <hogfly fart>

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    I like Linux. I also like Windows. That's why I dual boot . Or you can get two computers and run both.
    lol, I don't post much anymore, but I pick the best threads to post in.

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    thx for the info


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