Here’s something I find rather perplexing, Connor Miller Software developed a method of bypassing AOL's anti-spam filters and incorporated it into a piece of software which they in turn sold to some spammers in Thailand.

Now as their Lawyers said “the technicians never sent any emails, or directed any activity to AOL's computers".

“According to AOL's lawsuit, Connor Miller Software conspired with Thailand-based spammers to send more than 35 million spam emails to its members. This avalanche of low-interest mortgage rate offers generated 1.5 million complaints, according to AOL. In addition, Connor Miller Software allegedly sold software designed to bypass AOL's anti-spam filters.

AOL alleges violations of the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, the Federal Computer Fraud & Abuse Act, and State of Florida Common Law. It is seeking an injunction, asset forfeiture, $1.6m in statutory damages and punitive damages against Connor Miller Software and company directors Charles Henry Miller and James Connor. Miller's wife, Heidi, is also named in the suit.”

Assuming that both companies are not really one and the same (CM software and the thai spammers) and putting our hatred of spam aside, if that’s possible. Whos right in your opinion.