Serving as a comprehensive guide to securing Linux Servers and workstations against numerous malicious attacks, Bob Toxen has done it again in his second edition of Real World Linux Security. This book is the perfect piece of text for the novice to veteran Linux system administrator. Providing large amounts of high quality information while not getting too technical, Toxen describes techniques to secure Linux workstations all way from choosing a good password policy to implementing firewall and IDS technologies. It is apparent that Toxen knows his stuff as he draws from years of experience as a security auditor to provide real examples of attacks and how to stop malicious users dead in their tracks with early warning systems before they harm your network.
I would recommend this book to a variety of people. It covers the basics for the novice but includes hardcore tactics even for the pros. This book also comes with a CD that includes nifty programs ready to install on your workstation, PC, or server.