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Thread: kill a tcp connection

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    kill a tcp connection

    i am the administrator of a server here and would like to know if it is possible to kill an individual tcp connection as in ive done netstat and want to kill one of the connections listed there. how would i dothat?

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    is that on linux? because thats the os im using.

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    I appologize... I got scrambled on my post it is deleted now.
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    I know if you use ettercap, you can kill individual connections.

    I believe dsniff will also do this. look into tcpkill

    but, there is nothing to stop them from reconnecting.

    the best bet would probably be to block it via the firewall.

    pak: I would leave your post there. The poster didn't specify in the first post which OS.
    Your information was appropriate.
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    It is written for Windows NT/2000/XP/98/Me but you should be able to use it on linux by using wine

    I am putting thiis here for the people who may come and look at this thread and wonder what phishphreek was talking about.
    The link was
    and the program was called TCPView

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    for win try a software called "eStop" i dont have the link...pls take some pains.
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    hmmm. the telnet server i used had a "kick" option.
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    yeah i dont want to block them permanantly, i just want to kick them when theyre doing something wrong.

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    I use a little dos proggie called fport if your on windows with cmd access (duh your an admin). This lists active ports alongside the process thats using it. You can then just kill that process

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