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    Would it be possible for AO to have some kind of online library?
    It's a jungle out there when it comes down to finding reliable information. I'm lucky enough to have a library stuffed with computer-security related books at my university, but the information in books is sometimes outdated or too abstract.

    By online library, I meant somewhere we can get reference to 'real' textbook, as well as some online articles.
    Why not add some of the tutorials in it?

    Hope that wasn't too irrelevant
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    In the upper right corner of the front page is
    Forum Search

    Advanced Search
    That is your portal into the wonderful library of AntiOnline. You can find the answer to almost any security question you might be able to think of. You have the options of doing a simple or advanced search, and it will then search the forums and tutorials for the key words of your search.
    Miscellaneous Security Discussions alone has 1759 threads and growing daily.
    If after a good search of these forums, you still haven't found an answer that works for you, then post a question in the applicable forum.
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