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Thread: Are you ready to lose your privacy?

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    Are you ready to lose your privacy?

    I suppose most of you guys heard about what happened yesterday morning in Madrid.
    Some terrorist group put bombs in trains, at rush hour (around 7ish). 3 of apparently 13 bombs exploded, killing a total of 196 people. And that was yesterday. Around 60 were in a highly critical condition, so the death toll has probably increased by now.

    On a personal point of view, my gf's sister was around that train 10 mns b/f hand. The police said the bomb blew up too soon, and was supposed to explode in the station, which is the Madrid's biggest.

    After such an event, aren't you ready to give law-enforcement agencies more power? I realise, what is my privacy worth? A life? Not even that. I do not know if that incident could have been stopped, or if tighter control over a citizen's life could have at least helped reduce the collateral damage, but if the latter turned out to be true, wouldn't you be ready to give up your freedom to live in a world where you can walk outside without wearing a gas mask in the chest pocket of your kevlar suit?

    Just a thought...

    Edit: about 1000 people are currently injured
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    Resricting the movement, and violating the privacy of the populace will not improve any ones security. Terrorists will have the means and infrastructure already set up to circument any programs the goverment might put in place. These policies will probably even make their effors easier. The only loser in any of this is John Q public.
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    wouldn't you be ready to give up your freedom to live in a world where you can walk outside without wearing a gas mask in the chest pocket of your kevlar suit?
    if that were true - I might pause to think, otherwise my answer will be 'not unless the sun goes supernovae in the next 8 minutes'. Like moxnix says the only people to suffer will be joe public. Passing laws that invade privacy do very little to stop hardened professional criminals and terrorists because guess what - they don't give a rats ass about the law, they are not exactly honest about their intent, if they are professionals they will be careful about which of their 'cell' knows what (i.e. strrictly need to know) and make every effort to ensure that criminal activity cannot be traced back to them. The ones that get caught are frequently the small fish that are expendable (not all the time but frequently) and catching them doesn't stop the organisation.

    Also once the right to privacy is lost its damn hard to get back.... several UK laws were passed during the Afghan and Iraq campaigns as a 'temporary measure' - well those campaigns have been won and guess what - the laws are still in place. Then there's the patriot act in the US which frankly if it were a law in the UK I would seriously be looking at emigrating somewhere else.

    Just my 2p

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    Well I live near this bank that has been robbed about 3 or 4 times. The 2nd time it was beleaved to be the same person who robbed it the first time around. This place has cameras, alarms, a big safe thats about a foot and a half thick with it's metal caseing, you name it.

    You ****ing commie!!!!

    Look around you... I've had family who have killed possably hundreds of peaple... maybe even a few of their own kind. **** happends no matter what. They would punch you in the nose and tell you to enjoy what you have... if not then you've dis-honored everyone. If you spend your life willingly being controled... then you've just accomplished what other peaple includeing some mother ****ing towel head's bidding. What your talking about isn't invasion of privacy its slavery... and when you treat peaple like that it will not only create more criminals but criminals that are more hardend than the average Joe Blow off the streets.

    Come on we've got groups killing towel heads left and right in our very own US of A yet it never appears on CNN. These are the same peaple killing and burning the homes of the men, ladies, kids, cops, & soldiers for saying something or doing something that they think threatens their rights (peaple like you). But then look at isreal... they are under a 24/7 watch, lockdown, & control yet look how much they get bombed. And lets say if we did get the bad guys... and then what? Go after the "not so bad" bad guys? How about become an American Aryan nation filled with blue eyed and blond haired idiots?

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    Thanks... That's bound to cheer me up

    If invasion of privacy is not something that can help protect ourselves against those kind of attacks, what do you guys reckon will? Or is there no hope?
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    i think the police should have all the power they want in spain.

    the problem is that these watchguards will not go away if and when the trouble does.

    we've got eyes and ears all over this country all we got to do is keep them open. the government now urges people to act. against terrorists on planes and ships. its your country if you want it to be free stand up for it. the time for "its none of my concern" is well past us. if you see someone pulling out an ak in an airport you have to take him down. the other opion is to run get shot, blown up and die
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    that was awful disgusting bastards killing inocent, but if they aprove laws to cut are rights thye they have won, living without liberties is not a life, is slavery.

    i'll miss you my friends.

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    In my opinion the objective of the bombs was for all 13 bombs to explode at the same time while the train had been moving not while it was stopped to cause more deaths. And I must agree with ing, it was awful and cold-hearted what happened. The only thing that will prevent such acts would be to send everyone to jail and keep them there :-/.

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