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Thread: Serial/Parellel port programming in win32

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    Post Serial/Parellel port programming in win32


    wished to ask anybody can recommen any site/ebook for serial/parellel port programming.
    to start, i just want to blink a few LEDs from code.
    i know C. but i never found a good tutorial on this subject.


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    By doing a quick google search I came up with the following online tutorial:

    I read through it and being a novice C programmer, I understood most of it by glancing at it so you should be fine. While it doesn't support your example of blinking a couple LEDs, it does serve as an example of interfacing with serial devices. You will probably need to research some hardware terms if you aren't familiar because I found it somewhat jargony.

    As for books, I did another quick search on the google and it came up with:

    It says it uses mostly examples involving DLLs. Your topic said "in win32" so I'm assuming that's what you were after. Hope you get what you're looking for.


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