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Thread: Good Single Floppy Utilities?

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    Good Single Floppy Utilities?

    Anyone know any good single floppy diagnostic utilities that analyze hardware and possibly installed operating systems for problems and etc?

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    Try any of the Dr. Dos releases. Or you could try a Ms-Dos boot disk. Or any of the linux recovery floppies. Or if you have a cd-rom drive present, try the ultimate boot cd. Links below (bad sentence structure above):

    And that is all I got
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    EDIT: Ooops, already posted! sorry
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    You can try this website for what your looking for:

    Hope this helps.
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    Now how does that work?

    I'll let it pass this time Maestr0, but do it again and I will box your ears.
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    This isn't quite what you asked for, but it is a good complementary tool if you can get the PC to boot:

    It gives you hardware and software/version information.

    The bit I like best is it audits Windows patches and updates and tells you if they have loaded OK or are possibly corrupt/need re-installing.

    Microsoft will tell you that you have applied a patch, but not if it installed properly

    This little utility has bailed me out on several occasions but you need to have Windows running first.

    Another "specialist" utility you ought to have in your "toolbox" is LSP Fix. This can sort out those problems where you can get on the net, but not view web pages due to a corrupt LSP stack.

    I personally have a selection of utilities on a CD as well as floppies, as it is a lot easier if you can get windows and the CD drive working.

    Talking of CDs, do get the free Microsoft Security Update CD..............I have found that quite useful in some cases. It seems to overwrite what is on the HDD, so will effectively fix corrupt installations, missing files deleted by the AV and so on.

    In my general experience, trouble shooting is a layered or phased process, so you won't find a single product to do everything, particularly to boot from a 1.44Mb floppy!

    Good luck

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    All of the above.. various DOS-NTFS utilities on CD and Floppy..

    I normaly have a Boot Floppy (listed above) with CDROM Drivers to get my Dos utils on cd into a machine.. but most of the XPee stuff I just use a bootable CD will oll the crap I need..

    F.I.R.E ok it is a CD..
    PC-Check .. comes on CD creats a Boot Floppy for Hardware diag.. good for stress testing a HDD/mobo/video card etc away from Windoze..
    Any Live linux Distro ie:Knopix/Gnopix.. especially if network available.. that gets me access to backup data b4 serious ****.. (there is a Drive imaging prog for *nix? I seem to have missed.. that would be handy .. see below why i ask)
    Ghost.. Create an Image of a HDD to either CDRW or another HDD..

    there are a few..

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