I'm fairly knew to Linux (Windows pissed me off for the last time about a month ago...FU Billy Gates) and I've been fighting with my nForce2 mobo. I tried putting on Slackware (version 8.x can't remember exactly which) and I could either have my onboard lan working or my onboard sound working (never both at the same time). Using the Alsa drivers seemed to work alright, but I had to use nVidia's drivers for my o/b LAN. As soon as I put the LAN drivers on I had no sound anymore (even when I didn't include the nVaudio stuff). I finally decided to give RedHat 9.0 a try just because it was something easier for me to use until I felt more comfortable with Linux. Everything is working great so far... I've ended using the nVidia drivers for my geForce4 ti4400, nVnet for my onboard LAN and the i810_audio driver for my onboard sound (I think that one was the default chosen by RH). It all works great, but I decided to hook up my 4 speakers + sub to replace my headphones (QUAKE III just sounds so much better with madass bass and rumbling sound from all sides ) and I'm only getting sound from the sub and the two front speakers. I can't seem to find how to change the i810_audio to support all 4 speakers. There doesn't seem to be a config file. I found out that it supports 6 channel audio, but is only set for 2 channels right now (I'm assuming this is related to my problem) and my o/b sound also supports 6 channel audio. Does anyone here know where I can change this or if I'm even on the right track. I've spent about 2 weeks searching the net, reading man pages and opening config files to see if I could get lucky and find the right one. I haven't managed to come up with anything useful yet.

Any help would be appreciated

Here's more info about my motherboard if that helps:

I use the SL-75FRN2-L (you'll have to select it off the list that says model number... I couldn't link directly to it because it wouldn't change the address in the bar properly once you click go)