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Thread: Out of Iraq before the election?

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    Out of Iraq before the election?

    Democracy, human rights, freedom of expression, and equality has been alien to the people of Iraq for more than 4,000 years. They sport none of the cultural underpinnings of nationhood, self-government or the rule of law. Iraq was artificially born from the ruins of the Ottoman Empire in 1920 under a British mandate.

    After going to the trouble of invading Iraq, should we get out so soon?
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    Its all politics, and not very good politics at that.
    In last Saturday's radio address, the president boasted of magnificent United States success in transforming Iraq into a flourishing democracy. The boast smacked of one-term President Jimmy Carter's delusional characterization of his disastrous mission to rescue Americans in Tehran as an "incomplete success." Sound foreign policy and presidential victories are made of less self-delusional stuff.
    It seems that our local politics and 'Looking Good' are more important than doing then right thing (what ever that might be).
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