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Thread: What Operating Systems are more reliable in long run!?

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    What Operating Systems are more reliable in long run!?

    Come on let's be honest.
    Which operating systems are more reliable.
    honest opinions.
    And let's explain why we think the operating system we pick is going is more reliable in the long run as well.
    The vunerabilitys in the system why don't think is reliable and other comments and suggestions as well.
    Tech Heads Let's Dissucuss this.
    And if you on windows or linux why should you convert over to linux or windows.
    - Tux
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    As pooh sun tzu said, there is nothing that windows can do that linux cant, and vica-versa. Depednd what you like, i use WIndows, more software, and i just got used to it, even if ti give me some problems sometimes.

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    In my opinion they are about the same. but what it really comes down to is the end user and what they want to do. I sometimes get tired of using windows so I switch to linux or freebsd and use that for a while.

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    Funny... I've always had the impression that the most security conscious ppl some flavour of unix (linux/*BSD...)
    I do have a dual boot (XP/Linux) since I can't really play games under Linux (Stupid laptop-integrated graphic cards...). But when it comes to programming, security and reliability, I'd vouch for linux

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    Although both linux and windows continue to grow, i think the windows world is more about layers of system where as many linux users rarely leave the command line, the more you add the more things could go wrong, but for the most part they are even in my book
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    Oh I pray pooh sun tzu doesn't find this thread.
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    No, Pooh would make it interesting...
    Real security doesn't come with an installer.

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