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Thread: Uninstalling Internet Explorer?

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    Question Uninstalling Internet Explorer?

    Well, as the topic states, I was simply wondering if there was any way to uninstall Internet Explorer from my PC. I'm using a different browser now, and I'm quite satisfied with it. A lot more lightweight than IE.

    In theory, I think it's virtually impossible to totally remove internet explorer from windows. There was a discussion on this earlier, and even though I searched, I couldn't find the thread. So, I'm asking again.

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    Microsoft have made it extremely difficult to uninstall IE, hence the various anti-competition lawsuits it has faced over the past few years (and it is now doing the same with Media Player). Unless you're desperate to free up your hard disk, it's probably not worth the bother. However, it is possible to get rid of IE from Windows 98 using software such as IEradicator if you want to try. I personally have never tried to uninstall IE - mainly because I can't be bothered with the hassle (although I use Firefox as my browser) and it's difficult to do Windows Update without IE.
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    You can obviously delete iexplore.exe, however that does not stop IE being used in Windows explorer and numerous other programs.

    In any case, my advice is, don't actually uninstall IE, it will cause problems.

    One possible way of uninstalling IE is to unregister the ActiveX component which implements it - this is a very bad idea as loads of programs use it (Notably the Windows help and help in many other programs)

    This is a total guess:

    cd your system32 directory
    regsvr32 /u mshtml.dll
    Use it at extreme risk (it will probably break the machine)


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    Well, since it seems so high risk I won't bother doing it on this machine. But I DO have Win2K box that I can screw around with. it'd be interesting to see what happens.. putting the theory to practice, don't you think?

    So, I'll delete the IEXLPORE.EXE and alsot un-install the ActiveX component. Lets see what happens.

    Or is there any other way anyone can suggest for me to go about doing this?
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    I wouldn't do for a number of reasons.

    1) IE is integrated with core OS components. This means that you will have random failures all over the place.

    2) Even if you get the machine stable, the chances of fux0ring it up with the installation of new hotfixes, service packs, etc. is *very* high. With the rate of fixes pouring out of MS, you will most likely never get the box to be truly stable.

    3) I have tried various "elixor" proggies that claim to remove IE but many of them leave behind the registry keys associated with IE, which tend to cause blue screens. On top of that, I have yet to get a machine stable after removing IE.

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    Advice taken. heh.
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    I do agree that it's not a good idea to not have IE on the box.. mostly due to problems with updating.. however, if you do a clean install of 2k or xp.. you could use xplite to help you through the install, which allows you to choose the components you want.

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