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Thread: Event Log Utility for NT/XP

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    Event Log Utility for NT/XP

    Does anyone know of a utility for viewing/archiving/monitoring the event log on NT & XP machines. Ideally, it would be able to monitor the log in real time and create alerts when certain defined events or pattern of events occurs.
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    re: Event Log Utility

    A google search turns up:

    Log Watcher
    Event Watcher
    Log Caster

    I've personally used Event Analyst and also Argent Guardian/Data Consolidator.

    Were you looking for to spend $$$ or something not too costly?

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    $$$ are always a concern. Personally, I like the try/buy concept. If the software works as promised and without bugs, you register it and the author gets compensated for his/her effort.
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    To get to the system performance and log monitors, click on Start
    then go to Control Panel ,Performance & Maintenance then Administrative Tools, Performance.

    This will bring up the Windows System Monitor. It is a real-time view of activities being currently monitored on your system.

    You can also change the Windows System Monitor to track as little or as much information as you want it to. You will have close to 100 trackable system activities to choose from.

    To add a tracking counter, just right-click on the graph and select "Add counter." To remove a counter, just highlight the counter you want to delete and press the delete key.

    Add logs and alerts
    To add logs and alerts, click on the + sign to expand the Performance Logs and Alerts tree. you can add alerts to notify you of numerous system events.

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