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    Angry career crisis

    I am the midst of a real crisis in my life right now and I know that this site is primarily focused on the educational aspects but the problem that I am confronting is now that I have all of this education I cant find a job where I can apply it. I have a bachelors of Science in Computer Science and in Business Administration with a Management Concentration from a small regional university. My computer science degree concentrated primarily on the programming aspect of things but I am more interested in network and systems administration so I after I graduated I did some studying and self teaching and got a CCNA and I am now studying for security+ which I could be ready to take at any time. The problem is that I don’t have the money to take it because I graduated school in the fall of 2002 and cant land a decent job in the Computer Science field.

    Seeing that the job market was in poor condition when I graduated I took a position with a large well known company and thought that I would just get my foot in the door and move up from their. 14 months later I am still doing the same crappy job and am unable to move to the technology department due to a combination of budget constraints and because their is a whole pack of other people with degrees in the technology field trying to do the same thing. I have continued to apply for other jobs and I have even gotten to the point where I applied for a job installing printers and like every other position I have tried for it was a no go. I didn’t even get an interview. I want to know if the person that they hired had a master’s degree in printer installation or what because this is getting ridiculous. I am spend all of my time playing with every type of Operating System, Network equipment and Security thing that I can get my hands on and it is getting me nowhere. I have a whole spare bedroom in my apartment filled with old systems with all kinds of things loaded on them that I am always tinkering with. Is any one else having the same problem or what? My resume' is good my cover letter is good they have all been reviewed by professors from my college and no one has anything but good things to say in. The result of all of this is that I may be going back to school to be a civil engineer or something because this is just ridiculous.

    What the point of all of this is that I want to know if anybody has any suggestions as far as what I need to do to get a decent job in the Computer Science field because going back to school is the last thing that I want to do right now. Also are there any other recent graduates who are in the same position?

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    I'm not in your position yet, but I may be when I graduate. I just wanted to say good luck and hang in there.

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    Start sending out resumes to every company you know of that might possibly hire you. Send out like 40 or so, and your sure to get some replies.

    You might get lucky.

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    all_smiles: I kinda know how you feel. When I was looking for a job, I couldn't find one anywhere. When I'm not looking, they just fall in my lap. I'm kind of happy where I am now and I get to do a LOT of everything. We are a small shop, so I have to cover more peoples' jobs. (network admin (LAN/WAN), phone guru, tech support, you name it)

    Just hang in there. The economy is getting a bit better.... so we should see more jobs soon.

    The problem is... there are thousands of others in your position too. So, the people with the school and experience is going to get the job before the recent college graduate. Keep on it though. Try for entry level jobs to gain some experience. Tech support for a computer manufacturer or an ISP. You may be bald by the time you find your next job (cause of the end user stupidity causing you stress... by the end of the calls... you are pulling your hair out).

    Hell, if you have to sell computers at your local gateway store, or do computer repairs at best buy or such.
    Its not your dream job, but it gets you experience.

    I'm only 23, so I'm no expert in job hunting or exactly what employers are looking for. I do know that they do want people who know what they're doing. Anyone can read books and take tests... can you apply it? Can you prove that you can apply it? Thats where the experience comes in.

    I'm not even done with my degree yet. I'm taking my time racking up experience, learning on the job, in school and by myself at home. When I'm done with school I'll have 5 years experience (4 years currently) and a degree in network admin eng. Then I want to get a couple of certs too. I can take them now, but I don't want them to expire before I'm ready to change jobs... so I'll hold off till I'm ready to change jobs. In the meantime, I just want my portfolio to be fat...

    Put your resume on every job searching site out there that you can find. Mail/email/fax your resume to every possible employer possible. They may not have a public posting for a job... but may be able to use you for something anyway. Keep up with those resumes. Call the places multiple times and talk with human resources so they know you really want the job and you truly are interested. See if you can put yourself on the IT/MIS managers (whoever is responsible for hiring in that department) schedule for a meeting. Talk with anyone you know that might get you into a place. A lot of times, I've found, if you know people... thats even better. You will still have to apply for the job, but at least they'll know who you are when looking at a resume... not just another name.
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    Wo. The future is kinda bleak.

    I suppose it's the same thing in the UK. I'm doing a Joint Maths and Computing Master, but as you said, it's gonna be hard to land a job, let alone any decent one.
    What I would advise, is that if you have some mathematical background, to apply for a junior analyst job/internship at some investment banking company. The big names are Morgan Stanley, Meryll Lynch (spelling ?)... but I'm sure smaller ones would do just as fine. Heck, you might move up the ladder faster (often a problem with big companies). They're the one hiring at the moment.
    But be sure to target whatever company you're gonna send your CV to. I would disagree with sending out 40 cvs. Done it once, doesn't work.
    Apply for specific job, and focus on what you could provide whoever would employ you.

    Good luck!
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    all_smiles: My husband and I just went through what you're going through. He got laid off (rotten economy!!) and spent almost a year looking for work. Eventually he signed on with a temp. agency. That was the best move he could have done - he got contract after contract to work as a consultant.... learning more and different things with every new contract. And eventually, after trying out several different companies, he ended up with a permanent job in a wonderful company which he just loves. Since it seems your skillset is fairly varied as well perhaps that is something to think of?

    Whatever your choice I'm wishing you the best of luck! Just know that eventually things will pick up and that building your resume and skillset is the best thing to do! Keep it up.

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    I have even gotten to the point where I applied for a job installing printers
    With all your degree you have, it's sure that they don't take you. You are WAY OVER over qualifited for this job. In my view, the fact that your only 22 without long term experience in the industry and the fact you're over qualifited for most job available now. But hang tight, the industry will grow. Don't give up and it'll happen someday!
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    I have been applying for many jobs though I havent been taking the blanket everybody approach instead I have been applying for a few jobs at a time trying to craft my cover letter and resume' to match the individual job. I am approaching 40 now and I would be just fine if I could get a interview as selling myself is something I am especially good at and something that the business classes helped me to fine tune. The problem is that I am not even getting job applications or any type of communication back except for a single letter so that the business I was applying to had my ethinicity etc. for affirmitive action reporting. Waiting forever for a position isnt really an option either as this fall will be 2 years since I graduated and I am still without a job so except for my self teaching new graduates are begining to look more appealing to employers then I am. The thing is to that I am on my 2nd go around of looking for work since I graduated and the 40 jobs that I have applied to is only in the past few months, that doesnt include the first time. Is anybody else feel like they are in this same impossible situation or is it just me? Since I hate my present job so much and since they are not presenting any opportunities nor are any of the jobs I am applying to despite my 2 college degrees I am looking at the prospect of working construction this summer again and either shovelling dirt or god forbid concrete for the rest of the summer till I either go back to school or get layed off to give this whole job market thing another whirl. This sucks!!!! and for those that are thinking it I will not get a job managing cub foods, a gas station or anything similar!!! I want a job that i can at least tolerate instead of something that simply has a pay check, that is why I went to school in the first place.
    \"Hardware: the parts of a computer that can be kicked.\"
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    Buddy,don't lose hope....

    I'm a Fresh grad of BE(in Computer Science and Engineering).Luckily i was recruited from the campus to the most prestigious Firm in my country.I'm half as qualified as u r.......only the grad ebgineering degree.

    But look i had to go for references and contacts and post resume's and stuff for 6 damn months when i got this first offer.i was just like mad.But thank god things went my way because i had faith on my self.I'd seriously recommend that to u.Look u may have to work hard....but if u r confident and the kind of qualification u have....u will strike gold.

    but i promise personally,i'll try to help u out as soon as i join.


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