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Thread: Mcafee 4.5.1 Crashing Machines after Update

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    Mcafee 4.5.1 Crashing Machines after Update

    I've got a quick question regarding Mcafee. I just updated one of my company's PC's dat files. The user is on 4.5.1 and I updated the dat files to the lastest dats from

    Now when I boot the machine, I receive a blue screen and a STOP error.
    Anyone know why, and/or how to solve this problem.

    I have never had this problem before when updating a users dat files.


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    how about the following information:
    Machine type, hardware list if possible.
    Specific STOP code, entire thing
    Operating system? Yes its windows, obviously. What version?
    *HINT* Im intending to google your stop error...
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    Go to
    Select Downloads
    Click on Anti-Virus (DAT) Files
    scroll down and select: SuperDAT for VirusScan 6.x and 7.x

    You MUST use the SuperDATs on anything lower than 5x and it will prevent the system from crashing.

    Last time we had this issue it was on a Win2K and we were ablt to do a restore to get back into the OS and update the software with the latest SuperDAT. Hope this helps and next time remember to use the SuperDAT.

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