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    New Trojan


    I am quite interested about trojans... i think i like the idea of disecting into the guts of trojans as they reveal a lot of vulnerability the exploit in our systems...

    Cud anyone give me more information about the RIP trojan... i got it searching the net... url is :

    I dont execute them on my system rather get more informations from documents and explainations... i have a trojan zoo so i love to keep all these informations

    Help me out to know more about that specimen i mentioned
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    I just downloaded it and found there's a doc file within that describes it rather well.
    my kaspersky AV calls it Backdoor.VB.gen

    you can always read more about it here.

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    I don't know much about Rip trojan.
    But I prefer using "Amitis 1.3.4b"
    It's very good it's the latest version and just came out.
    So go get it while it's new.
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    Thanks SunDumGuy...

    Thanks for your reply.... i didnt download it too and i did go through the entire document... though its the inter workings that i am more interested in... like what name it takes when it resides in the system... where it hides itself... even i tried to search the server file with a file scanner didnt didnt made much out of it from all those hex codes... though there were file paths and registry entries embeded... but i would like to know what entry it makes in that registry... so that it can be detected... as mentioned earlier i do maintain a database of these trojans and write every details.... neways thanks for that link and teling me the type...

    rather i am thankful to the programmer of that trojan as he indeed made a little easier for me to know bout the trojan... though i wud have been more gratefu if he had given the intrinsic details...

    Thanks to you WarTux... i know bout the Amitis trojan but didnt know bout the latest version... i will check out the link...
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    If you don't have a machine to spare why not use something like VMWare?
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