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Thread: Religions of the World

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    Talking Religions of the World

    Religions of the World

    Taoism: - **** happens

    Hinduism: - This **** happened before

    Islam: - If **** happens, take a hostage

    Buddhism: - When **** happens is it really ****?

    7 th -Day Adventist: - **** happens on Saturday

    Protestantism: - **** won’t happen if I work harder

    Catholicism: - If **** happens, I deserve it

    Jehovah’s Witnesses: - Knock, knock: “shit happens”

    Judaism: - Why does **** always happen to me

    Hara Krishna: - **** happens, Rama Rama Ding-Dong

    Atheism: - No ****

    T.V. Evangelism: - Send more ****

    Rastafarianism: - Let’s smoke this ****
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    Taken from GNU's website, didn't you? Well, anyway, they were there for quite a while. Impressive amounts of geek humour can be found there.

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