I have been reading a book entitled "authentication "From Passwords to Public Keys"

ISBN: 0-201-61599-1

I made the purchase only moments after giveing it a once over in the store, I was conviced the book was for me. My reasons for purchase was I wanted to understand difernt password systems and I also wanted to understand pgp and public/private keys. I got it home and started reading. The book discusses varios authentication systems employed from early atempts of authrintication to more modern and techologicaly advanced through use of computers. The book is writen in a theroy, attack, defence structure. The method is discused, then aplication examples folowed by attacks and defences. I espcialy liked the fact defence and atacks were numbered and refernced at the end of each chapter in a table summary. It has provided me an in depth un derstanding of various authentication methods that fascinated me and many more I have unheard of.

I was especialy interested in the chaters covering pgp and public/private key authentication systems, since I have had dificulty understanding these from articles on the web, I have a much greater understanding and it cleared up many of my questions I had. I have not completed the book, and the book could easily be read by going to chapters that interest you. Which is the structure I am following.

Great book, and great price, I got a clearance discount since all computer books they were wanting to get rid of. I payed $15 CDN

I am satisifyed